Episode 110: Varmint Up The Tree

Now drink up varmint! Say yer prayers varmint! Now ya varmint … dive! Drop that sword varmint! Say your prayers varmint … dead rabbits tell no tales. Oooo ya long eared, fur bearin’ flat-footed varmint! Back, back, back … down ya shark livered varmint! The varmint got me … I’m-a-headin’… for the last round up. Now be there any livin’ varmint is aims to try to tame me? … Well be there? Any one-a-you lily-livered, bow-legged varmints care to slap leather with me? Oooo!  Ya long eared, fur bearin’, flat-footed varmint … say yer prayers ya critter! Ya better say your prayers, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m-a-gonna blow ya to smithereenies! I’m no doc, ya flea-bitten varmint … I’m Riff-Raff Sam … the riffiest riff that ever riffed a raff!

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