Episode 35: Season 3 Opens

As one season ends, another season begins. On this season of the WOP, Matt makes his magical return to the booth after being gone for far too long. He comes to help explain Kurt’s 4th of July experience and even has a tale of how he got pranked hardcore! We have a special guest on this episode of the WOP, so special that the FBI has reached out to us to¬†interrogate the guest. Luco Ruso is a infamous card dealer, dealing all kinds of damage to children’s Pokemon and Magic the Gathering decks for years, steps in the booth to hopefully clear his name. Finally we have some fun in the booth by playing a new game, What The Pluck: True or Not True! Find out which news is true and which is not true.

Do you still collect or deal cards? Let us know at imwhatsonline@gmail.com

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