Episode 43: The Dread Pirate CD Release

On this episode of the WOP, the guys get a call from a pirate number and it so happens to be The Dread Pirate himself! We talk to The Dread Pirate about his upcoming album and release show. Ryan & Matt hit The Dread Pirate with some of the hardest hitting questions known to man. After the interview Dan gets into a heated argument about saffron and how you should be growing it as your side hustle!

What other side hustle do you know about that are fairly legal, let us know at imwhatsonline@gmail.com.

1 thought on “Episode 43: The Dread Pirate CD Release”

  1. Drop me in the midst of a rabbit hole why don’t ya?! It doesn’t get any more real, meatier, and surreal than this. I haven’t felt this stretched in a podcast in a long time, allowing to take on board the wisdom in the room – and actually, make my own opinions to questions I never thought existed before. Love the impromptu, roll-with-it, conversational pieces and the scope of discussion. This podcast is definitely one of those that deserves its own time being carved out, an open mind, and curious soul. Laughs included.

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